2024 Participating Artists

The Annual Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help Bridge to Rutland assist asylum seekers in Rutland County with housing, living expenses and legal fees. The Arts Marathon is a community effort involving artists of every kind. At least five days per week in the month of the marathon, the artist(s) you sponsor will send you a different example of their creative process and work.

Please choose as many artists as you'd like to sponsor!

Artist Name
Sample Artwork
Art Marathon Goal
I will display watercolor paintings from my travels in the USA and in other parts of the world. I will write a few sentences about each painting and location.
I will post some previous carvings and paintings and share whatever the muse strikes me to do during the marathon
I will share a wide variety of tableware, bakeware, lamp bases, indoor and outdoor planters, decorative items in stoneware/porcelain., terra cotta, and raku
I'll be sharing a mix of old and new works, mostly paintings and drawings, but maybe some other surprises.
I will illustrate the process of quilt making, including fabric selection, cutting and piecing, quilting, and finishing with a hand sewn bias binding.
Get ready to journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in the US and Canada, I've captured to date through the lens of my camera! From majestic mountains to tranquil seascapes, each photograph tells a unique story of the incredible beauty that surrounds us.
I will display wooden bowls that are functional in the kitchen or decorative. I will demonstrate the process to finished product. Additionally, I’ll demonstrate the creation of small wooden craft pieces (jewelry boxes) through large pieces of furniture (including the construction processes, such as hand cutting dovetailed drawers.
I plan to complete one mixed media piece each week.
I will design and create a king size quilt.
I will create greeting cards, including the backgrounds, images and sentiments. My posts will detail the processes, equipment and techniques used to complete each project.
Follow Digital Arts students as they develop personal final projects. Students will share proposals, sketches, and work. Finished final projects will be on display at the Chaffee Art Center on May 30th at 6 pm.
I will create daily cards and other paper crafting projects.
I will work on a Long Dog Sampler cross-stitch piece
I will share my father's oil paintings and my photography.
I’ll be highlighting my current build of a model of the USS Constitution. Also, I will be building a nook book with a library theme.
I will be working on an oil painting tbd and sharing progress on a 13"x40" stained glass project
We will share how to make oval braided rugs with wool.
I will share my oil paintings.
I will be showing artwork from years gone by as well as cheerful postcards I create now.
My preferred medium is watercolor. My pieces generally do not exceed 12" x 18".
I will be creating knitting projects that show a variety of techniques as well as showing some older projects.
I will be showing my braided roving wall hangings.
I’ll be travelling on the road in my little van for the month, drawing and painting every day, and stopping to visit friends across the country.
I will be sharing my various knitting projects which I hope will be interesting and inspirational.
I will share poems accompanied by photographs I have taken.
Yura and Asa will share five new pieces a week — drawings, pottery, writing, maybe even a stop motion movie or two.