Please explore our Frequently Asked Questions about asylum seekers.

An asylum seeker is a person from another country who has entered the asylum process in the United States.

While both asylees and refugees need to prove their status and apply for protection under United States law, refugees request protection and are given permission to enter the U.S. while still overseas, whereas asylum seekers request protection while already in the U.S. or upon arrival. Refugees come through a quota system of the State Department and have governmental support. Asylum seekers come through a legal process through Homeland Security and have no government assistance.

We have enough to help everyone. And everyone is lifted up when we help each other. The asylum-seekers will help lift up their neighbors once they arrive, enriching all of our lives.

Asylum seekers have one year to apply for asylum once they have crossed into the United States. It usually takes most of that time to find an attorney and work on a case that can then be submitted. After the government acknowledges the submission of the request for asylum, the asylum seeker must wait 150 days to apply for a work permit. It usually takes a month or two after that to receive the work permit and social security number which allow for employment.

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