Please comment on a new federal rule that would obstruct asylum

The Department of Justice is proposing new rules that would obstruct asylum in the U.S. These rules entail serious new hurdles, including a 12-page application in English and a $50 fee within 15 days (down from 365) of their first court hearing. 

Please submit a comment by 11:59pm ET on October 23rd: Via Immigration Justice Campaign (click Take Action) or directly on the Federal Register

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  • A 15-day deadline does not give an asylum seeker enough time to obtain legal representation.
  • It takes most asylum seekers, even those with a lawyer, weeks to complete an application, deliver fees, and collect medical records, police reports, and other crucial documentation.
  • This new regulation would impact tens of thousands of aspiring Americans each year, and would lead to the deportation of thousands of asylum seekers without a meaningful review of their cases.
  • The rule would allow judges to submit their own evidence while diminishing the credibility of key sources, such as independent human rights organizations. 

h/t Americans of Conscience Checklist via  Immigration Justice Campaign