The KBI Newsletter, July 2023

We are pleased to be sharing the newsletter from our liaison on the southern border: Bienvenidos | Welcome “Who is my neighbor?” A young legal scholar famously posed this question to Jesus in the gospels. As you likely know, Jesus reframed the question by offering up the story of the Good Samaritan. Then, he closed with a questionContinue reading “The KBI Newsletter, July 2023”

 KBI Newsletter, April 2023

We’re pleased to be able to share the below update from our partner on the southern border: Bienvenidos | Welcome It may surprise you to hear that I still struggle with doubt and feelings of inadequacy as a parent. Despite having a stable home, a deeply committed husband and a supportive community, I often wonder ifContinue reading ” KBI Newsletter, April 2023″

Please sign a petition to save asylum!

Tell Biden: Seeking asylum is a right! Sign the petition The Biden administration has proposed a rule that would unlawfully deny asylum to people seeking protection at the southern border who don’t first wait to apply for asylum in Mexico or other countries they passed through — despite the fact that many of these countriesContinue reading “Please sign a petition to save asylum!”