B2R’s September Challenge

We have two goals that you can help us reach.

Goal 1 – B2R, as an organization, sends a total of at least 30 email sets to our Rep. and Senators (That’s 30 of our 110 supporters sending the 3 emails each – We would love to surpass that goal!!)

Thanks to a Supreme Court decision, the Biden administration is being forced to reinstate a Trump-era policy that requires people to wait in Mexico while seeking asylum in the U.S. This violates international law and endangers asylum seekers.

The Supreme Court’s ruling means that we’ll need federal legislation to end the harmful and illegal “Remain-in-Mexico” policy. So please contact Representative Welch, Senator Sanders and Senator Leahy asking them to end this inhumane practice.

*Please help us track our progress by letting us know when you’ve sent your emails.

Possible message:  

Dear _____, 

The “Remain-in-Mexico” policy violates international law protecting asylum seekers. Even worse, asylum seekers are exposed to heightened dangers as long as they’re forced to wait in Mexico before entering the U.S. They’re targeted for violence and human trafficking.  Please sponsor legislation to end this inhumane practice.

Thank you for your support of refugees and asylum seekers, ______________

Rep. Peter Welch 802-652-2450 https://welch.house.gov/contact/email     

Sen. Bernie Sanders 802-862-0697 https://www.sanders.senate.gov/contact/contact-form/

Sen. Patrick Leahy 802-863-2525 https://www.leahy.senate.gov/contact/

Goal 2 – raise the rent needed for our family of three for 1 year. (Huge thanks to a few individual supporters and to St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Pittsford for taking care of August, September and October!)

Here’s how:  Most of you are a supporter not only of B2R, but also of another group – church, temple, study group, social justice group, prayer group, choir, dance group, drama group, instrumental group, sports team, family group, neighborhood…

B2R would like to present you with a challenge to raise the funds for 1 month’s rent OR to collaborate with another group to raise the funds together. The rent is $925/month. (Our single man has a free apartment through a partnership with Spring Lake Ranch).

Please let me know the name of your group, how much of a month’s rent you can raise, and what month you would like! 

Thanks for working with us to meet our autumn goals for B2R! 

En solidaridad!