Yura and Asa

Participant: Yura and Asa

Mission:  We will send a picture every day that is a drawing of something we have imagined and tell you what it is.

We are a brother and sister team who love to draw. I (Yura) am 9 and Asa is almost 6. Mostly we like to draw things that we imagine. I like to draw imaginary creatures, plants, and robots. Asa likes to draw trains and design new buildings and cities. If you sponsor us, we will send you a picture we draw every day in March. We heard about the March Arts Marathon from our grandma who has a house in Wallingford, Vermont. We are now living in Tokyo, but we love Vermont, too. Please sponsor our art so that there will be more money for families that want to live in Vermont. You can ask your friends to sponsor us, too.

The 2023 March Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help Bridge to Rutland assist asylum seekers in Rutland County with housing, living expenses and legal fees.

Donations are no longer being collected for MAM, but you can donate directly to Bridge to Rutland: https://bridgetorutland.com/donate/

And huge thanks to all of Yura and Asa’s donors, including:

Heather Stevenson

Joshua Ferguson – Looking forward to your creativity of robotics and engineering marvels of trains, buildings and cities.

Nan Dubin

Nancy Clark – I like both of your drawings and look forward to seeing more. I’m a friend of Yura, and I’d like to know how you imagined the creature you drew and what special things the creature can do. Asa, I like the buildings you drew. Are these buildings on a street by themselves? What do people do in these buildings?

Susannah Hornsby – SO looking forward to receiving imagination beacons from across the seas and directly into our brains and hearts! Lois will be checking every day!

Thank you!