Previous Arts Marathon Artist Gallery

The Annual Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help Bridge to Rutland assist asylum seekers in Rutland County with housing, living expenses and legal fees. The Arts Marathon is a community effort involving artists of every kind. At least five days per week in the month of the marathon, the artist(s) you sponsor will send you a different example of their creative process and work.

Below you can see some of the art created during the recent Arts Marathon.

Ann Buffum

Bob Smith

Carl Buffum

Carrie Moulton

Cathy Solsaa

Daniela Stewart

David Castonguay

Deb Roy

If interested in seeing more of my work or in purchasing a piece, contact:
Deb Roy
phone:  802-558-0709

Debie Frohloff

Dee Bort

Digital Arts Stafford Technical Center

All are invited to the Stafford Technical Center Digital Arts Final Show 2024 on Thursday, May 30, at the Chaffee Art Center, 16 South Main St. in Rutland.  Catering provided by Marble Valley Kitchen & Deli.

Eleanor Ross

Elsie Gilmore

I had such a great experience with the Arts Marathon. I loved making daily videos to share my progress. It was interesting to talk about my process, what I’d done, and how I planned to proceed each day. It really made me examine how I did things. I worked on two different projects during the month.

Gale Finlayson

Greg Ellis

Hartsboro Pottery

Linda Sproehnle

Lois Johnstone

Thanks for viewing the B2R virtual gallery. We will also be participating in Vermont’s Open Studio this coming Memorial Day weekend, May 25 and 26, and invite you to visit us at 1206 Church St. in Wallingford.
802 446 2442

Luis Sotero

Mary Crowley

Peggy Lee Shores

Ruth Anne Barker

Can’t Hear You Covid; You’re Breaking Up
Mixed Media, 2/25/21
Bee Bait
Mixed Media, 8/8/22
Ruth Anne Barker
Windrush Design Studio
POB #102, 518 West Hill Road
Wallingford, VT 05773

Sabra Shulman

Sue Carey

I enjoyed posting on Bridge to Rutland and getting positive feedback.  We all need to help people find a peaceful, safe place to live.
My website is:
Not only does my website have information on my creations, but there is a blog with pictures of our sheep and farm.

Syd Veverka

Tracey Marsh

Vivian Finck

Yura and Asa Armstrong