Luis Sotero

Participant: Luis Sotero

Mission: I am a self-taught artist, living in Nogales, Mexico.  My paintings are oils and acrylics. Through my art I seek to paint the stories of the harsh reality of migrants’ journeys as they flee from violence, inequality and poverty and their hope for a better life. I also volunteer weekly as an art teacher through the “Livelihood Project” at the KINO Border Initiative, a shelter for migrants in Nogales. People participating in this project learn to begin to process their feelings of anguish and trauma through the healing aspects of art, as well as to create opportunities for an income to sustain themselves.

Bridge to Rutland assists asylum seekers in Rutland County with housing, living expenses and legal fees. Each day in March, I will share a different example of my creative process and work with my Bridge to Rutland donors.

I am inviting my friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who cares about art and wants to support Bridge to Rutland’s important work. Together we will help welcome new Americans who, in turn, will add immeasurably to our own communities.

Donations are no longer being collected for MAM, but you can donate directly to Bridge to Rutland:

And huge thanks to all Luis’ donors, including:

Heather Stevenson

Marcy Tanger

Nan Dubin

Thank you!