To make a financial donation to support asylum-seekers coming to Rutland County:

  • Write a check to “Bridge to Rutland” and mail this to Bridge to Rutland, 8 Court Street, Rutland, VT 05701. This is the best way to ensure that we will get to keep the full amount of your donation.
  • Or to make a donation through PayPal (which keeps 3%), please click the button below:

To donate goods:

Please contact us at 802-779-4217 or

To share your home:

Please review the responsibilities of a host in this handbook:

And then fill out this application:

To donate your time and labor:

Please fill out this application:

Your support will make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable people and will help to enrich our community!

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Why we do this work:

“There is an unshakable moral principle that says one cannot do evil in order to achieve good.” – Archbishop Oscar Romero, assassinated in El Salvador in 1980 for speaking truth to power and standing up for the poor

“It’s injustice that motivates us to do something, to take risks, knowing that if we don’t, things will remain the same.” – Digna Ochoa, human rights attorney and nun in México

“The poor of the world are crying out for schools and doctors, not guns and generals.” – Oscar Arias Sánchez, Costa Rica – Nobel Peace Prize for his Peace Plan for Central America in 1987

Thank you!