Support due process in immigration court

We are sharing this request from the Vera Institute:

There is no due process in immigration court. Unlike in our criminal legal system, there is no right to a public defender for people who face the devastating consequences of detention or deportation. Imagine if you had to defend your house, your family, or your life in a complex, often cruel legal process that you did not understand.  
That’s why we need your help. Please add your name to show your support for universal representation for all. 
In partnership with the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), the Vera Institute of Justice has launched Fairness to Freedom, a national campaign to push for federal legislation that establishes a universal right to federally funded legal representation for anyone facing deportation. By adding your name to our pledge and spreading the word, you are joining the growing movement for representation for all.
For hundreds of thousands of people—including 70 percent of people in immigration detention—the stakes couldn’t be higher. Adults and children alike are forced to fend for themselves against experienced, well-resourced government prosecutors in cases that may result in physical exile from home; separation from family and community; and return to conditions of persecution, violence, torture, or death.  
Everyone at risk of deportation deserves a lawyer, even if they cannot afford one. Join us in calling on our representatives to pass federal legislation that ensures this fundamental right. 
For decades, the U.S. legal system has set immigrants up to fail with complicated and harsh laws—often seeped in racist and xenophobic bias. If you share our belief that immigrants deserve a fair chance at establishing their right to live and build community in the United States—that everyone deserves justice and dignity—please add your name. 
Thank you for taking action, Vera Institute of Justice