Rally Monday at noon Fair Immigration and the End of Title 42

Join us for a rally at Main Street Park in Rutland on Monday, March 21 at noon. 

Wear red and bring the following possible signs:  “End Title 42”, “Save Asylum – it’s the law!”, “Make immigration fair!”  Also bring your signs or flags for Ukraine. This is a nation-wide effort. 

Here’s why:

It’s long past time for the Biden administration to uphold refugee law and establish a safe and fair asylum process at the border.

o    Every day that Title 42 remains intact, our government is placing vulnerable families, children, and adults directly in harm’s way.

o   Re-opening the border is an opportunity to create the just and dignified system we know is possible, in which people seeking protection are welcomed and given a fair chance at asylum – rather than simply being expelled. 

While the Biden administration has pledged to welcome Ukrainian refugees “with open arms,” in recent days Ukrainians seeking safety have been turned away at the southern border, with border agents citing Title 42.

o    The press have descended on the border to document the plight of this new wave of Ukrainians. As a result of enormous national attention, and with the assistance of border advocates, it appears some Ukrainians are now being permitted to cross.

o    But the policy remains in place for all others, and the inhumanity of Title 42 isn’t new. Ukrainians are just the latest group of refugees to be caught in its deadly crosshairs.

o    For two years, Black and brown people seeking asylum at our border have had the door slammed in their faces. Many have been stranded in Mexico, desperately waiting for their chance to seek asylum for months, or even years. While there, they’re exposed to the violence they’re seeking to escape.

o    People seeking safety – whether they come from Ukraine, Cameroon, Haiti, or El Salvador – can’t wait any longer.

o    Our political leaders have applauded the efforts of European countries that have welcomed millions of Ukrainian refugees in mere days. Yet at our nation’s doorstep, U.S. officials shut the door on asylum seekers and bemoan the presence of children, families, and adults seeking refuge in comparatively minuscule numbers.

The Biden administration must restart asylum, including at ports of entry and along the border.

o    Anyone who expresses fear of returning to their home country – or any other place they may experience harm – should be given the opportunity to seek protection through a fair and timely (but not expedited) process in the United States. The administration should ensure access to legal counsel and community support and not rely on detention. 

 Hope to see you Monday!  Ensolidaridad!