Kino Border Initiative Newsletter Sept 2020

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We have recently witnessed a wave of activism and organizing in the KBI migrant community, which is instilling a newfound sense of purpose and hope in our work and mission. We are inspired by their strong spirit and hope that it serves as a catalyst for continued advocacy and action among our supporters and those who also believe in more humane and just migration policies.  

We bring you recent developments in immigration, such as recent rules that specifically target asylum seekers awaiting their asylum hearings in the US, making it exponentially more difficult for them to gain work authorization. We also highlight the recent ruling that Customs & Border Protection agents do not possess the necessary credentials nor impartiality to carry out initial credible fear interviews with asylum seekers. Additionally, we condemn the Mexican government for succumbing to the Trump Administration’s threats by redirecting funds originally dedicated to uplift communities affected by forced migration to implementing inhumane immigration policies.

We continue to stand in solidarity with migrants and to be a platform for them to speak up and demand access to asylum. We hope that you find inspiration in their spirit to advocate through the #SaveAsylum campaign and that you will join the dedicated community of people who lift up their testimonies and take action. 

In this letter, I am also announcing that in March of 2021, I will step down as the Executive Director of the Kino Border Initiative. It has been a great blessing to have played a role in the foundation and growth of this organization and I feel great gratitude to you all for your wonderful friendship, generosity and support over the years. I have great confidence in the KBI as it looks to the future and prepares to hire a new executive director. I will be sure to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks ahead.

In gratitude,

Rev. Sean Carroll, S.J.

Kino Border Initiative

Executive Director

Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ, Announces Plans to Step Down in March of 2021

Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ, longtime Executive Director of the Kino Border Initiative (KBI), a binational ministry that provides humanitarian assistance to migrants at the border in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, will step down in March of 2021.  Read more…

The Growing #SaveAsylum Movement

In the sweltering summer of 1980, a group of dozens of Salvadorans trekked through the Sonoran desert, the gruesome last leg of their journey of fleeing the atrocities of their home country with hopes of finding legal protection in the United States. The Sonoran desert had been known to claim the lives of migrants, scattering the landscape with corpses and unfinished stories of desperation. Read more…. 

Yolani’s Story: Living under the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

“We don’t leave our countries to make ourselves rich in another, nor be a burden. We come simply to live, to save our lives, and give a better life to our children. I ask that the people in the US help us, we’re asking for help. Don’t leave us here under MPP [‘Remain in Mexico], which is like leaving us to our predators.” Read more…

KBI Media Report: August-September 2020

Our media report this month focuses on a series of rules that target asylum seekers awaiting their asylum hearings in the US, a recent ruling that states that Customs & Border Protection agents do not possess the necessary credentials to carry out initial credible fear interviews with asylum seekers, and Mexico’s surrender to threats from the Trump Administration and subsequent redirection of funding to carry out inhumane policies. Read more…

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