Kino Border Initiative Newsletter July 2020

We are sharing this newsletter in solidarity with our partners, the Kino Border Initiative.

¡Bienvenido! Welcome!
Access to asylum at the border has undergone a series of attacks from the current administration, furthering sentiments of fear and uncertainty among migrant communities. In these difficult times, we are called to stand in solidarity with our migrant brothers and sisters, and we have chosen to use this month’s newsletter to highlight inspiring acts of solidarity. In that spirit, we also share with you the story of Curly, whose strength and positivity have been astonishing from the time she fled persecution in Venezuela in 2019 to the current uncertainty of her asylum process in the U.S. She inspires us to deepen our solidarity.  We also share about recent immigration issues, specifically within the Supreme Court. In one case, the Court upheld DACA, and in another later in the month approved the fast-track deportation of asylum seekers without granting them due process. Additionally, read about the most recent KBI news and changes. In these challenging times, the Kino Border Initiative has chosen to put solidarity at the forefront of our hearts, minds, and advocacy efforts as we facilitate the #SolidarityAcrossBorders campaign along with other organizations and entities across the Americas. As we confront obstacles, we are amazed and inspired by the spirit of support that we have felt within the Kino community. Because of your generous acts of solidarity, we have been able to adapt and continue operating. We thank you for your unwavering support for Kino.  
In gratitude, Rev. Sean Carroll, S.J.Kino Border InitiativeExecutive Director

Solidarity: Creating Community Across Borders and Defying Division 

The current administration has worked to systematically limit access to asylum at the border. More recently, the Administration has used COVID-19 as a pretext to completely halt access to asylum. With migrant communities unfairly under attack and facing increased marginalization and vulnerability, the need for solidarity has taken on a newfound sense of urgency. Read more….

Curly: Inspiring Solidarity

In her home country of Venezuela, “Curly,” a young professional working in communications was subject to attacks and persistent threats because of her political stance. She reached a tipping point during the night of April 25th, 2019. That night would be her last in Venezuela, arising the next morning to flee North. Read more… 

KBI Media Report: June-July 2020

Our media report this month highlights two important Supreme Court decisions that greatly impacted the immigration context. Additionally, a decision was made by a D.C. federal judge that could positively affect the demographic with whom we work. Read more….

KBI June Announcements

Last month we said farewell to our dedicated and talented Director of Communications, Katie Sharar and welcomed Sara Ritchie to fill her position. Additionally, we has a month packed full of hosting Immersion groups, engaging supporters through various Facebook live events, and celebrating Father’s Day with migrant dads. Read more… 

Stand in #SolidarityAcrossBorders

In light of launching the #SolidarityAcrossBorders campaign last month, we invite you to consider this month’s Calls To Actions which range from hosting vigils to giving to ways of thanking and appreciating the contributions of the migrant community throughout the pandemic. Read more….

June Statistics