Kino Border Initiative July Newsletter

We’re happy to share this message from our partner on the southern border:

Bienvenidos | Welcome

Migration, and working in the immigration space, innately involves movement and change. We receive new brothers and sisters each day. Circumstances, and even policy, can shift in an instant. In the midst of this dynamic landscape, we work to cultivate consistency in Ambos Nogales. As we press towards a world of Migration with Dignity, we seek to be responsive, but not reactive. Thoughtful planning can make this posture possible. 

In October 2021, we began a strategic planning process to identify our key priorities for the next several years. We began the journey with the belief that we can live in a world where our societies always remember and celebrate that migrants are created in the image of God.

That vision resonated with our diverse planning committee: staff and Board from Mexico and the U.S., lay people, sisters, Jesuits, people with experiences of migration, and allies. It is a vision grounded in KBI’s Catholic identity and history, in the dreams of people a decade ago that are becoming reality today, thanks to your support. It is my great honor to share with you how it manifests in our work, and how it will guide our steps in the years to come.

Our ability to hold onto the good and the painful, the here and not yet, is a key source of resolve and resilience. It’s a value that has been woven into our strategic plan. As we share this vision with you, I invite you into our journey of living in the in-between space. 

Let us carry the current burdens together while pressing forward in hope to a future of migration with dignity. Your support is essential to bringing this plan to fruition.


Joanna Williams

Executive Director Kino Border Initiative

Migration with Dignity: KBI unveils strategic plan and priorities to guide our efforts through 2026

It is our pleasure to share with you our Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2026. This plan is the result of many hours of discernment and discussion, and at times, even some disagreement.  

In this feature article, we outline the core values that drive us, our strategic priorities, and the initiatives that spring from forth from these. You can join us in this next season by exploring it and by investing in it. Support from people like you makes this work possible.


Photo by Lisa Elmaleh

Migrant story: “I work to be strong for my children.” Maria and Diana seek safety for their families.

“I work to be strong for my children,” Maria (pictured above) says, looking fondly at her three boys. She and Diana both have three children, and both fled their homes in order to protect them. Their story illustrates the courage and resolve of migrant mothers, as well as the relief that friendship can offer. READ MORE.

June-July Media Report

June and the first few days of July brought both hopeful and tragic news. In this month’s media report, we lament the passing of migrants caught in a semi-truck and two Jesuit priests. At the same time, we celebrate a U.S. Supreme Court decision that signals the beginning of the end of the Remain in Mexico policy. READ MORE.


KBI is seeking a new HR Coordinator and Psychologist to join the team. Read more about these open positions and other announcements, such as: an upcoming cafecito with Fr. Pete Neely, an open call for summer and fall volunteers, our joint statement on the U.S. Supreme Court decision Biden v. Texas, and our recent additions of Zoe Martens and Hilda Camacho as Advocacy Coordinator and Cook, respectively. READ MORE