KBI newsletter July 2021

Bienvenido | Welcome
At the end of this month, we will celebrate Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ stepping into the role of Provincial for the USA West Province. On the same day, we will honor feast day of Saint Ignatius. Over the course of his life, Ignatius crafted a legacy alongside Jesus that has impacted the entire globe. The Spiritual Exercises, Jesuit education, and indeed the witness and service of Jesuits around the world, have impacted countless lives. Each one of us at the Kino Border Initiative have been touched by Ignatius’ life. We are grateful.
It can be easy to stand in the shadow of a towering sibling like Ignatius and feel daunted. How could we ever be like that? We may wonder. Instead, we choose to remember Ignatius in joy. If God can use him in such powerful ways, surely God can use each one of us to the same great effect, too. That “us” includes everyone — community members, advocates, and most importantly, migrants themselves. 
This summer, we choose to see Jesus in all things and all people, including our migrant siblings and ourselves. May we labor for a better, more just and Christ-like reality at the border.Blessings,Joanna WilliamsExecutive DirectorKino Border Initiative
Consolations and Desolations from the First Half of 2021
Executive Director Joanna Williams reflects on the past six months of this year and the first four months of her tenure as Executive Director. She offers insights on the gains KBI has made in advocating for migrants and highlights key issues where we continue to press forward. READ MORE.
Esmeralda’s Story: “My mission hasn’t ended.”
Today we bring you an update from Esmeralda, who we featured in October of last year. After spending more than 500 days in limbo in Nogales, Sonora, Esmeralda was able to appear at the Port of Entry and seek asylum. We caught up with her at her sponsor’s home in the US. READ MORE.
June – July Media Report
We bring you several key occurrences that have impacted our work here at Ambos Nogales. Read about the leadership changes at Border Patrol, a critical reversal in who qualifies for asylum, and a blow to migrants’ rights with the loss of bond hearings. READ MORE.
June was a busy month at Kino! We did everything from welcoming new team members to celebrating ordinations and book publications. Now, we are preparing for the feast of St. Ignatius and an exciting new change for our former Executive Director, Fr. Sean Carroll. READ MORE.
The #SaveAsylum coalition is planning a bilingual press conference for Wednesday, July 28 at 8:00 a.m. PST. We will be sharing a link to view the conference LIVE on our Facebook page in the coming days. Check there for more information.
Our hope for this event is to amplify migrant voices, and migrants already in the U.S. want to continue to advocate for full restoration of asylum at the ports of entry. We are hoping to build some strong press participation since it will be the 70th Anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention, which defined what a refugee is.
After watching the press conference, take it to the next level: write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
How to Write a Letter to the Editor