2024 Artist: Eleanor Ross

As Arts Marathon artists we will send a different example of our creative process and work to everyone who sponsors us, five days per week during April. We invite our friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who cares about art and wants to support Bridge to Rutland’s important work to sponsor us. Together we will help welcome new Americans who, in turn, will add immeasurably to our communities.

Eleanor‘s Arts Marathon Goal
I will create daily cards and other paper crafting projects.
Eleanor‘s Background

I have always loved paper. When I was in school, I was a collector of all things stationery and office supplies. Now, I like to put that to use making cards, journals, and photo albums for people to store their most cherished memories. One of my favorite techniques is making flowers, whether they are 2D or 3D. As spring begins, I thought it would be fun to focus on a different flower in each card each day. Receiving a handmade, or even just handwritten, card brings so much joy, and I love sharing that with others. Because of that, the message of Bridge to Rutland resonates with me. People go through so much to get here and having an organization to help bring joy and welcome is so important. Whether you are here for the cards or just to learn about different flowers, I hope that you will join me for a month of sharing handmade kindness as we come together to support this fantastic organization and asylum-seekers.

Art Samples
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