2024 Artist: Debie Frohloff

As Arts Marathon artists we will send a different example of our creative process and work to everyone who sponsors us, five days per week during April. We invite our friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who cares about art and wants to support Bridge to Rutland’s important work to sponsor us. Together we will help welcome new Americans who, in turn, will add immeasurably to our communities.

Debie‘s Arts Marathon Goal
I will design and create a king size quilt.
Debie‘s Background

I have enjoyed working with fabrics and crafts since I was a young girl. When I was in high school, my mother signed me up for sewing instruction at an art institute. It was there that I began designing and sewing many of my clothes. I enjoyed the precision work and making challenging clothing patterns, especially those by Butterick or Vogue. I loved being able to make an outfit that was unique, and “one of a kind." In college, I majored in Business Administration, but I also took a designer sewing class. It was there that I learned pattern making and where I designed and made my wedding dress.

I continued sewing and crafts after getting married, and would usually spend months making presents in preparation for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Each year I would focus on a different craft. When my children were young, I made them fun clothes and crafts.

My love for quilting began when I was pregnant with my first child in the spring of 1983. My Lamaze instructor invited me to a local quilt show and I was inspired. She was the president of the Maple Leaf Quilters Guild who sponsored the show. I joined the Maple Leaf Quilters Guild, and have enjoyed quilting ever since.

I completed my first quilt in 1985. As my guide, I used: Make a Quilt in a Day – Log Cabin Pattern by Eleanor Burns. That first quilt took a little longer than a day, but the queen size blue log cabin quilt was an exciting accomplishment! Since then, I have used many different quilt patterns and methods. I have designed many of my own patterns and used machine embroidery in many of my quilts. I've created many quilts for gifts, given many for community service projects, and have enjoyed quilting for my own pleasure as well.

Art Samples
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