2024 Artist: Cathy Solsaa

As Arts Marathon artists we will send a different example of our creative process and work to everyone who sponsors us, five days per week during April. We invite our friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who cares about art and wants to support Bridge to Rutland’s important work to sponsor us. Together we will help welcome new Americans who, in turn, will add immeasurably to our communities.

Cathy‘s Arts Marathon Goal
I will illustrate the process of quilt making, including fabric selection, cutting and piecing, quilting, and finishing with a hand sewn bias binding.
Cathy‘s Background

I have been enamored with needles and thread for as long as I can remember. I began making quilts as a young adult, giving them to family and friends as gifts. In 2016, with my four kids in high school, I became a professional long arm quilter. Helping people finish their quilts felt very purposeful and was very satisfying work. However, I needed to take a sabbatical when my father fell ill and then passed away. I am just now getting back up and running. But this time, I am going to focus on making my own quilts. My hope is to cover the world in love.

Art Samples
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